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Dealing with an infection can do serious damage to your computer and risk your identity from being stolen or hacked. First, you should always have highly-rated Anti-Virus / Malware software running on your computer at all times, and update it frequently. We recommend at least a full overnight scan once a week.

If you don't have A/V Software, we Recommend Comodo A/V because it is the only program that protects your data by "Sandboxing" any threats until it is known and either removed or sent to Comodo engineers to investigate the threat. Download Avast Free AntiVirus Solution Here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should ONLY have one Anti-Virus solution installed and running at all times.  If you install multiple Anti-Virus software, it will cause interference and cause your computer performance to be affected. Running multiple Scan Tools is OK, but uninstall them when the program is done scanning.

At PCS, we always recommend running at least three (3) scans against your computer if you have or believe you have an infection. Here are the 3 software you'll need to use:

  1. Run a "Full" Your installed Anti-Virus software if you have one, if not, install  Avast Free Anti-Virus now.

  2. Then download the FreeMalwarebytes Anti-Malware Scan Tool - Download Malwarebytes Here and run a Full Scan.

  3. Finally, Run ESET's On-line Scanner - ESET - Run 1 Time Scanner

Make sure to run these tools one at a time!  Yes, this will take time to make sure your system is clean.  It may even require running these scanners overnight depending on the size of your drive and the amount of data. Un-install these software tools when complete.  This will fix most infections, however, some machines have to be taken to a repair shop, like PCS to perform an off-line scan which involves removing the hard drive and running scans from a different, network-isolated, well-protected computer system design for this task like our Technical Service Centers systems.

Make sure you change your password(s) on any affected sites or email address, i.e. Facebook, Gmail, Microsoft Accounts, etc.  Finally, "Search the Dark Web" to see what information is "out-in-the-wild" and take appropriate action(s).  - Good Luck! 

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